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Bansoku No Shita

6th May, 2012. 7:40 pm. Next Chater Done

Chapter eight now written. Should have two more left to write, so I'm hoping to finish by the end of June. Then it's editing and re-writing time. Current word count estimates are between fifty-five and sixty thousand words, so will need at least another twenty thousand to be eligible for the competition.

Tales of Tobermoerai, Chapter EightCollapse )

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27th April, 2012. 12:34 pm. Tales of Tobermoerai, Chapter 7

After getting stuck on the plot for a while, here's chapter 7.
Tales of Tobermoerai, chapter 7Collapse )

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24th January, 2012. 9:25 pm. Hello 2012...

Nearly a whole month into the new year already. Sometimes I'm scared by how fast time flows. I'm hoping this one will be better than last year, but in all honesty, it doesn't have to try very hard to achieve it! It has promise, though: two weddings of close friends, a new safari park opening, not to mention our ten year anniversary all impending.

I've made good progress on one cosplay, need to make sure I don't end up letting it get over-taken by other things! I've only got a few plans for the year so far: Sleigh from Super Robot wars, Isabella from Dragon Age II for early in the year and Beast for Ame. Definitely tempted to do something from Redwall, probably Cluny the rat, but not sure if I'll get that done this year.

Christmas was lovely, just me and my parents so very nice and quiet. Took the opertunity to try out my new lens taking pictures of squirrels in the winter gardens in Bournemouth and ducks on Holly Hill Christmas day. Also managed to get another chapter written, so I've posted that below. I suspect it's going to work out as chapter 9, and follows directly from the last update. I'm currently filling in the gaps so should have chapters seven and eight up sometime over the next month or so. Then I think there is only one or two more chapters and epilogues and the story should be finished. The next stage after that is getting it suitable for competition entry which is going to involve two big tasks - building it up to at least eighty thousand words and fitting it into actual eighteenth century London, in order to fit in with the criteria.

Tales from Tobermoerai, part nineCollapse )

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12th November, 2011. 3:01 pm. Chapter Six, Finally Finished

I really hated writing this chapter. I don't think it's dreadful, just not very interesting. I'd be especially interested in seeing what people thought of this one, as I expect it's going to be heavily edited in time.

Tales from Tobermoerai chapter six...Collapse )

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8th November, 2011. 11:17 pm. Update

Still finishing off chapter six. Once this is done and posted I can get on with writing the more exiting chapters that follow. In the mean time, here is a taste of things to come:

He was stood in the dock, unable to do anything more than listen as the evidence that would decide his fate was given. He was wearing a new suit, bought especially for the occasion, no doubt. It was expensive, he was sure: fine black wool, with a crisp linen shirt. They had let him wash for the first time since his incarceration, but it was not the comfort he had expected it to be.

Clothes to be buried in, he realised suddenly. They've already come to a conclusion, before I even stepped through the door. Indeed, as the verdict was read out it became clear most of the courtroom had reached the same conclusion. When the word "guilty" was pronounced there were no cries, exclamations or gasps. They all expected it, Tobin thought. Every man here thinks me a murderer.

The judge banged his gravell. "Tobin Whitlaw, for the murder of the Blackwater sorceress, I sentence you to be hung by the neck until dead. This is to be carried out immediately."

Two police officers tried to lead him from the dock, but he found he had quite forgotten how to use his legs. He stumbled and with his hands cuffed behind his back he was unable to stop himself falling. He ended up at the bottom of the steps in a crumpled heap. Someone laughed harshly.

The two officers dragged him to his feet and man-handled him out of the building. He stepped, blinking, into the beautiful spring sunshine. He was in the wide forum, standing before the dark wooden gallows. A crowd was assembled for the spectacle of his death, enthusiasticly calling for justice to be done.

He could do nothing but allow himself to be lead up the steps to the rope. Even if he believed he had any chance if escape from here, where could he go? No one would harbour a man they believed had slit a girl's throat, and it seemed everyone believed that, even his own family.

As he made his way up to the platform, he was able to look out over the crowd and see people he recognised. Near the front were the Earl and his family; Felicity was jeering, smiling even. Nearby were several sorceressess who shared her opinion of his fate. He looked out further, hoping to see a friendlier face; hoping to see Rosney. He caught a glimpse of someone who might have been him, but the man's back was turned and he was walking away.

He did not want to face his family, but when he saw them he could not look away. They were standing at the front of the crowd, almost directly below him. Milo was turned away, his face buried in his father's side. He will be all alone now, Tobin thought. Once there were three of us, but he is the last one left. His father was watching him, however, with eyes cold and emotionless. He did not seem angry, or even disappointed. When the hangman placed the black velvet bag over his head Tobin was grateful for being spared those staring eyes.

He felt them place the noose around his neck, the rope course and rough. Somewhere to his right a drum sounded, and the crowd went silent. Then the hangman threw the switch to release the trapdoor.

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20th July, 2011. 11:29 pm. Watch Out, an Update Approachs

Been meaning to do an update for a while. I'll warn you in advance, there's nothing particularly interesting, but that's not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned: I like peaceful and stable! Anyway, LJ needs more love, as it is Superior to farcebook.

Work...Collapse )

Lake district and Car Dramaz...Collapse )

Creative stuff...Collapse )

Finally - I'm hoping to put illustrations in the current story when I get better, so here's a practice one.


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5th July, 2011. 9:41 pm. Female character sketches

Found these much harder to do...

Shana Whitlaw:


Felicity Hawke:


Bryony Greenlove




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4th July, 2011. 12:14 pm. Chapter 5

If you've been reading the previous entries, some of this will seem familiar. I've decided to split the previous chapter in two, so this is the second half, expanded.

Tales from Tobermoerai, chapter 5Collapse )

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27th June, 2011. 9:35 pm. More sketches

Three main characters from the current story:

Milo -


Tobin -


Rosney -


Currently working on the female characters, which is harder it seems.

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17th June, 2011. 12:39 pm. Help Needed!

Joe found me an article on self publishing e-books on Amazon, and I'd like to give this a go with The Ballard of Zephyr Stormchaser. I'm not expecting much, but it would be nice to give it a go and see what happens. In order to do this, I'm going to need to edit it and get it ready. And I'm going to need the help of my lovely friends out there.

I've spoken to a few people about editing, but the more the merrier and any opinions at all on bits you have read would be much appricated. Please be as critical as you want (though positive comments about things you think I have done would also be good so I know what works as well as what doesn't). If you would like a copy, hard or soft, please let me know.

I'd also like to know if people would actually be interested in purchasing it. In the article, it says that £1.49 is the cheapest you can list a book and get the full royalties. Does that sound reasonable? Am I selling myself short?

It also recommends getting cover art, and I'll need a description to put on the site. I'm trying to improve my art, but I'm nowhere good enough to try something like this, and I really suck at trying to sell myself and my work, so is there anyone who would like to help me for either of these tasks?

Finally, while this was put across in the article as a good idea, and seems fairly straight forward, is anyone aware of any problems with this or heard any bad stories about people publishing in this way?

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